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The heavyweight champion can just do it

For cracking the tough nuts

The TARGO 3000 XD tips the scales at an impressive weight of 35 tons. The concentrated power of this heavyweight champion is expressed in two letters: XD for eXtra Duty, which means “extra strong”. Without a doubt, this mobile shredder is a particularly strong representative within its class. We designed it especially for solving the big challenges.


Extra strong
Full speed ahead

Equipped with a three-stage gear that was especially developed for this machine, the direct drive transmits even more power to the shredding shaft. The tracked TARGO 3000 XD is therefore able to perform even complex tasks successfully.

In terms of operation and maintenance, the heavyweight champion among the mobile shredders is always a gentle giant. The operating concept is simple and practical, all machine areas are easily accessible. The integrated overload protection against possible damage due to foreign bodies protects the machine efficiently, while steep side walls prevent the risk of material bridging.

The two driving speeds enable a quick change of location that, thanks to the tracked chassis, can be carried out safely even on difficult terrain. The TARGO 3000 XD uses a 3-meter shaft with 21 (optionally 41) screwed shaft teeth to process waste wood, green waste, bark and other residual materials.

  • Operating supplies are filled from the ground
  • Diesel direct drive
  • The extra long discharge conveyor belt enables huge stockpiles and direct truck loading
  • Optionally available screen basket and comb extention
  • Optonally available overband magnet
Technical specifications

If you have any questions about the tracked TARGO 3000 XD, please do not hesitate to contact us personally. We would be happy to advise you according to the individual requirements you place on a mobile shredder.

ChassisSelf-propelled crawler chassis; two driving speeds
Total weight35,000 kg
Transport dimensionsL/B/H 7,390 / 2,780 / 3,330 mm
Length3,000 mm
Diameter600 mm
Rotation speedmax. 34 rpm
Tooth width60 mm
Tooth length174 mm
Qty. of teeth21
Length3,000 mm
Tooth width60 mm
Qty. of teeth20
Width1,200 mm
Length5,040 mm
Option belt extension7,500 mm
Belt speedmax. 4,2 m/s
Width1,000 mm
Length3,335 mm
Belt speedmax. 2,6 m/s
Engine typeDiesel engine - variable
Exhaust emission standardAccording to the latest emissions standard
Power375 kW
Fuel tank500 litre
Engine displacement13 litre
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Multifunctional through numerous options
From a Distance
Remote Control

The remote control permits comfortable control of the hopper function, the tipper grid function and the engine speed of the TARGO 3000.

Automatic Central Lubrication

Automatic central lubrication continually replaces the lubrication film to ensure that the shredder is reliably ready for use.

Magnetic Support
Overhead Magnet

The overhead magnet can be installed longitudinally or across the conveyor belt and removes iron and steel components from preparation goods such as industrial waste or construction debris.

In the Heat of Chopping
Reversing Fan for the Diesel Engine

The reversing fan ensures reliable cooling of the diesel engine in the usually dusty, dirty conditions at construction sites and landfills.

A Good Option
Comb Extension

The optional comb extension increases effectiveness of the TARGO 3000 for even shredding of various residual materials from waste wood to bulky waste.

Getting in More Material More Quickly
Hopper Enlargement

The hopper enlargement permits filling the mobile shredder even more time-savingly and carefully with the materials to be processed.

Good Expectations
Working Headlights in the Engine Compartment and at the Discharge Belts

Powerful and reliable light sources, the working headlights facilitate use of the TARGO 3000 at limited visibility due to darkness, fog or rain.

High-Volume Cone
Extension of the Discharge Belt

An extended discharge belt permits particularly large material cones and direct loading of transport vehicles.

Further options on request