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Step into the future with more energy efficiency

Progress for the environment (technology)

Making environmental technology itself more sustainable and environmentally friendly, while fully guaranteeing its performance, is one of the most exciting challenges in our business field. With the TARGO 3000 XD-E, we have developed an even more energy-efficient alternative to our TARGO 3000 XD to take an important step in this direction. While XD stands for eXtra Duty and thus for “extra strong”, the letter E refers to the electric motor – and that already reveals a lot.


Driving with electricity
An engine for sustainability

The TARGO 3000 XD-E has an energy-efficient 315 kW electric motor, which allows the mobile shredder to start running with low noise and zero exhaust emissions. The electromechanical drive replaces the diesel engine with which the sister model TARGO 3000 XD is equipped. Just like its twin of the same size, the energy-efficient model weighs 35 tons and combines the strengths of a stationary shredder with the flexibility of a mobile machine.

The integrated track chassis of the TARGO 3000 XD-E offers safe and target-oriented traction on any terrain. Due to the simple operating concept and the ease of maintenance, working with the mobile shredder is a pleasant experience, which can be described as a “child’s play”.

The TARGO 3000 XD-E uses a 3-meter shaft with 21 (optionally 42) shaft teeth for the effective processing of a wide variety of waste and residual materials, such as organic waste, green waste and waste wood.

  • Two variable driving speeds for a quick change of location
  • Operating supplies are filled from the ground
  • Screwed shredding tools
  • Electric direct drive
  • No bridging due to steep side walls
  • The extra long discharge conveyor belt enables huge stockpiles and direct truck loading
Technical specifications

We would be happy to tell you more about the TARGO 3000 XD-E in a personal communication.
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ChassisSelf-propelled crawler chassis; two driving speeds
Total weight35,000 kg
Transport dimensionsL/B/H 7,390 / 2,780 / 3,330 mm
Length3,000 mm
Diameter600 mm
Rotation speedmax. 34 U/min
Tooth width60 mm
Tooth length174 mm
Qty. of teeth21
Length3,000 mm
Tooth width60 mm
Qty. of teeth20
Width1,200 mm
Length5,040 mm
Option belt extension7,500 mm
Belt speedmax. 4,2 m/s
Width1,000 mm
Length3,335 mm
Belt speedmax. 2,6 m/s
Engine typeElectric drive
Power315 kW
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Multifunctional through numerous options
At the Push of a Button
Remote Control

The tipper grid and feed hopper as well as the rotating speed of the diesel engine are remote-controllable.

A Certain Thing
Automatic Central Lubrication

Automatic central lubrication does not require any personnel use but minimises the risk of machine downtimes with its reliability.

For Difficult Material Mixes
Overhead Magnet

The installed overhead magnet removes any nails, screws, punching wastes and other magnetic parts from the material without impairing active transport.

Cooling Off in Use
Reversing Fan for the Diesel Engine

The caterpillar is often used in dusty environments, e.g. when preparing construction debris. The fan keeps the diesel engine cool.

Equipment for Important Tasks
Comb Extension

The optional comb extension optimises the TARGO 3000 as the proper solution for the most difficult of chopping tasks.

Faster Refilling
Hopper Enlargement

Hopper enlargement simplifies and accelerates loading of the mobile machine to optimise the entire chopping process.

Viewed by Light
Working Headlights in the Engine Compartment and at the Discharge Belts

The working headlights permit safe handling of the TARGO 3000 even if the lighting situation on site is bad.

High Up
Extension of the Discharge Belt

The height of the material cones is proportional to the length of the discharge belt. The discharge belt is decisive for direct, uncomplicated loading of cargo vehicles as well.

Further options on request