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Permanently Reduce Waste Burden

Let's Get away from the Garbage Mountains

In many industries, the diversity of product developments, and therefore also the volume of residual materials arising in production, use and disposal, is increasing. These different waste types, which are usually simply summarised under the term of garbage, require high storage capacities, cause costs and put stress on the environment.


Neuenhauser offers different mobile and stationary solutions for efficient preparation of these wastes. Organic waste of animal and plant origins and the diverse domestic waste produced every day, as well as industrial waste from industry, crafts, trade and service can be reliably screened off, shredded, sorted and transported with our devices.


We provide just the right product for our customers' specific requirements from the amount of waste, its properties, environment and investment volume.


Back to nature
Organic Waste

Preparation of plant and animal waste products from households, retail and gastronomy sometimes suffers faults from materials that have incorrectly gotten into organic waste. The high-quality machines and systems of Neuenhauser Umwelttechnik work thoroughly, safety and energy-efficiently in order to avoid failure. Professional processing of organic waste results in materials that can then be returned to nature.

Solutions for crafts and industry
Industrial Waste

The term of industrial waste comprises a broad range of waste materials from crafts operations, industrial companies, hospitals, labs and stationary trade. These changing and demanding materials require professional preparation technology with high performance and safety standards. Optional accessories permit precise adjustment to the specific tasks. We will gladly discuss them with you in detail in a personal interview.

The remainder is taken care of as well.
Domestic Waste

The category of domestic waste comprises different wastes that usually come from private households, hotels or public facilities, old clothing, cigarette butts, broken porcelain, old light bulbs or discarded stationery. Cold ash and various plastic products are included here as well. Neuenhauser Umwelttechnik offers the matching mobile and stationary solutions with low energy consumption and short equipment times.