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More Sustainable and Cost-Efficient Products for the Building Industry


There is an environmentally compatible and cost-saving alternative to the once-common practice of removing and replacing the soil on properties to be built on now: soil preparation. Mobile preparation technology by Neuenhauser permits quick and efficient soil preparation right on site even if the terrain is difficult.


The subject of soil preparation is closely linked to construction material processing. The residual materials that often occur during construction work, among them construction debris and plaster wastes, can also be prepared for sustainable and cost-reducing management.


Our high-performance products for preparation of soils and building materials meet our customers' high demands with their simple handling, reliable performance and low maintenance effort.


No Problem Anymore
Plaster Wastes

Large volumes of plaster waste are left behind after construction measures every year. Due to the sulphates contained in them, they cannot be mixed with building debris. The last years have seen great progress in the area of environmental technology, which means that plaster waste can now be safely treated and completely reused. The plaster is usually removed from the paper, shredded and screened to be returned to the production cycle for new plasterboard panels. Neuenhauser Umwelttechnik actively contributes to the process by innovative products such as the roller crusher.

A Good Basis
Humus & Topsoil

Topsoil is not suitable as construction soil because it does not bear load well. Its high share of humus, however, makes it a resource so valuable that its waste is considered very critically. Ensuring the reuse of topsoil therefore is one of the most important tasks of environmental technology. Screening, shredding and sorting of sandy, loamy or stony soil produces topsoil without foreign bodies that is of outstanding use in horticulture.

Up to the task

The big challenges of modern coal mining include implementation of an economically beneficial, safe and reliable preparation. In this context, we provide our customers with high-quality solutions for best screening, dosage and shredding of coal. Our mobile machines permit coal processing right on site and are ready for difficult conditions. High maintenance-compatibility is ensured at all times. Best success of our customers is our most important target.

Getting the Best out of Them

The energy-efficient and cost-saving preparation of slags resulting from metal production or processing is another important partial area of environmental technology. Slag preparation includes shredding and screening of waste products into a useful secondary resource that can be used in the production of cement, concrete and mortar. It is also used as backfilling material. We offer our customers high-quality product solutions and comprehensive service in the area of slag processing.