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Air Flow for Energy-Saving Waste Management

Air for Preparation

Wind shifting means exposing the screened material to an air flow that collects the light-weight particles to separate them from the heavy share based on the interaction of accelerating conveyor, an air flow controlled by nozzles and a rotating separating drum. This modern preparation technology has proven its worth in waste management in particular by high performance and very low energy consumption. The Neuenhauser wind shifter AIRCUT 1600 with all the benefits of the wind shifter technology is a semi-mobile, robust machine for successful use, among others in composting.


A Fresh Wind in Waste Processing
AIRCUT 1600 with User-Compatible Service Platform

The AIRCUT 1600 is electrically powered via 63A mains current or a power generator. It is characterised by pleasant operability. While the wind shifter is in operation, the user can stay on the attached service platform to precisely monitor the material flow in the machine through a generous sight window. The user can take action quickly when necessary and make the required settings. The on-board hydraulics and hydraulic cylinders comfortably put the supporting bases, the separating drum, the nozzle and the conveyor belt of the AIRCUT 1600 into position.

  • The air flow at the nozzle and the rotating speed of the separating drum as well as the conveyor belt are set smoothly via frequency inverters
  • A lateral discharge conveyor is available as an option
  • The different uses for the AIRCUT 1600 also include biomass processing and wood recycling
Technical Data

Our competent team is available to you to answer any questions around the Neuenhauser wind shifter AIRCUT 1600. Use the benefits of individual advice from experienced experts.

Transport dimensions8,100 mm long / 2,250 mm wide / 2,600 mm high
Accelerator conveyor belt2,500 mm long / 1,500 mm wide / drive 3 kW
Discharge conveyor belt3,000 mm long (4,900 mm extension optional) / 1,500 mm wide / drive 3 kW
Side discharge conveyor belt (optional)6,000 mm long / 650 mm wide / drive 2.2 kW
Separating drumø 457 mm / drive 3 kW
Low-pressure fansDrive 2 x 7,5 kW
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