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Mechanical Separation to the Latest Standards

Cleanly Separated

The increasing importance of mechanical separation of waste materials in modern preparation increases demand in efficient and diverse screen technology. Star screens are a screening method that has gained a lot in relevance in the last few years.


We set new standards in this area with our mobile star screens for biomass preparation and recycling of domestic, residual and industrial wastes. The Neuenhauser star screen machines are available as wheel and tracked models and particularly easy to use. The screened material is divided into 2 or 3 fractions.


The generously sized hopper is filled with the screening material by a charging device. Then the screening material is evenly transported to the screen deck with a hopper conveyor belt that is nearly maintenance-free. The rotating stars dynamically tap off adhering fines and optimally divided the material into the desired grain sizes.


An angle of attack of 15° extends the screening duration and ensures a very clean separation and highest quality of the screened-off material.

Mobile environmental technology
2F Semi-Trailers

The 2F semi-trailer with its low fuel consumption is a mobile star screen that promises cost-saving and environmentally compatible efficiency.

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Persevering star screen
2F Tracked

The strong chain chassis of the state-of-the-art star screen machine ensures reliable mobility even in difficult terrain.

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Low investment volume
2F Plus

This cost-saving mobile star screen is powered externally via a PTO shaft and needs no electrical control.

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Uncomplicated efficiency
3F Semi-Trailers

In spite of its high performance, the star screen machine is easy to operate and wear-resistant.

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Preparation in difficult terrain
3F Tracked

With its robust undercarriage, this mobile star screen is ready for deployments in difficult terrain. It is easy to operate.

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The all-star
Star Screen Ø 300


min. 0-28 mm
max. 0-200 mm

Simple cleaning
Star Screen Ø 300 with Anti-Adhesion Sleeve


min. 0-18 mm
max. 0-60 mm

Difficult tasks
Star Screen Ø 300 Heavy Duty


min. 0-35 mm
max. 0-150 mm

Good centre
Star Screen Ø 230


min. 0-15 mm
max. 0-25 mm

Love for detail
Star Screen Ø 216


min. 0-10 mm
max. 0-15 mm

The fine one
Star Screen Ø 170


min. 0-8 / 10 mm
max. 0-20 mm

A true specialist
Waste Star


min. 0-30 mm
max. 0-120 mm

More productivity through complete performance spectrum