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The ant under the dolly's

Easy pushing of heavy loads

The self-propelled Sputnik Mover on a chain drive is as strong as an ant.Truck semitrailers and truck trailers can usually only be moved with a truck.Handling is therefore often difficult in a limited space.The self-driving Sputnik Mover is an all-rounder and was developed precisely for these tasks.


Neuenhauser Mover

The Sputnik Mover significantly increases the flexibility of maneuvering on level company grounds.With the radio remote control, turning, driving forwards or backwards, swiveling in or swiveling out is child's play.The radio remote control also controls the raising and lowering of the saddle plate.The machine operator can always position himself safely and has everything in view.The rubber chains protect the surface against damage and move at up to 3 km / h.

With the Sputnik Mover, loads up to 40t can be moved safely.

Technical specifications

Our competent team is at your disposal for all questions about the Neuenhauser Sputnik.Take advantage of individual advice from experienced experts.

total weightapprox.3,500 kg
power45 kW at 3000 1 / min
Emission standardTier 4i / EU IIIA / 24 volt
Driving speed3 km / h
loadMax. 6 tons
Drawbar loadMax. 2.5 t
Compressed air tank20 l
Air pressure10 bar
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More productivity through complete performance spectrum