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Effective Shredding with Low Energy Consumption

For any Case

Efficiency, reliability and universal usability make the single-shaft shredder a practical all-rounder that masters its tasks while saving energy. It has a stable roll with optional tearing and cutting tools for preparation of different materials such as garden wastes, waste wood and industrial waste.


We will gladly provide customised advice on all benefits and possibilities of our TARGO single-shaft shredder and the additionally available BioPower system. The shredder is offered as a trailer and a crawler.


Our TARGO is designed to be not only high-performing, but also user-compatible in order to ensure simple, time-saving and low-maintenance use. Many additional options permit adjustment to specific needs for tasks such as soil preparation, composting and recycling of various materials.

Smart Shredder
TARGO 2500 Trailer

The TARGO 2500 trailer combines its practical mobility with high efficiency in shredding waste wood, green waste, bark and other residues.

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Up to any terrain
TARGO 2500 Tracked

The areas of application for the TARGO 2500 tracked include landfills, composting plants, waste processing plants, wood recycling plants, construction sites and industrial sites.

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Extra strong
TARGO 3000 XD Tracked

The concentrated power of this heavyweight is expressed in two letters: XD for eXtra Duty.

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Driving with electricity
TARGO 3000 XD-E Tracked

Thanks to the chain drive, the heavyweight moves safely and purposefully on any terrain.

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More productivity through complete performance spectrum