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Several Top Results in One Work Step

A Perfect Fit

The shovel separator is a multi-functional attachment for excavators and wheel loaders that can be installed easily and just as easily removed again. The diverse uses for which the separator is optimally equipped include peeling, screening and loading of topsoil, mixing and shifting of compost, backfilling of sewer trenches and screening of coal.


By completing several tasks in one work step, including loading, the shovel separator saves lots of time and effort in different areas such as horticulture and landscaping, soil preparation, civil engineering and sewer construction as well as composting.


The separators of Neuenhauser available in different designs meet the expectations to function, reliability and easy installation. The shovel separator is a user-compatible attachment and ideal for use at construction sites, landfills and other terrains.

Great selection

We offer the models to match the individual demands of our customers, with variables from the shovel volume to the number screen shafts.

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Strengthening the shovel separators

The MUDBUSTER-shafts increase the perseverance of the Neuenhauser shovel separators once more. They can manage coarse, hard and tough materials.

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More productivity through complete performance spectrum