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Mobile Screening Machine with 3D Combi Screen Deck from Spaleck

Individual strengths successfully combined

The cooperation of experienced experts results in sustainable solutions.

The Combiflex 3F is the impressive result of a cooperation between Neuenhauser Umwelttechnik and Spaleck GmbH & Co. KG. As a mobile screening machine equipped with a 3D Combi screening deck from Spaleck, the Combiflex 3F stands for maximum screening performance and highest precision at any location. Efficient and space-saving, the machine enables the processing of complex recycling materials such as incineration slag, metal scrap, construction waste, mixed construction waste, electronic scrap, commercial and industrial waste, bulky waste, compost, biomass and waste wood.

Unique in price and efficiency

The combo for maximum power
Unique in price and efficiency

Equipped with a 3D combination screen deck from the well-known screening machine manufacturer Spaleck GmbH & Co. KG, the Combiflex 3F combines the most innovative screening technology with the proven Neuenhauser flexibility and ease of maintenance.

  • Precise and nearly blockage-free screening thanks to inserted 3D screening segments, which guarantee a correct grain size free of long particles and without extraneous material for the Flip-Flow screen located in the lower deck
  • The Flip-Flow screen with screwless mounted screen mats avoids unnecessary cleaning and reduces maintenance times. Screening mats can be replaced or changed over individually and quickly.
  • Self-cleaning effect of the Flip-Flow screening mats due to high acceleration.
  • The screen box can be positioned hydraulically at different angles, thus optimal adaptation to the different materials and tasks.
  • The product on the upper deck is optimally loosened and turned.
  • The lower deck of the Flip-Flow screen has a drop step, which ensures that the product is ideally turned and cleanly screened.
  • Easy adjustment of the vibration parameters for optimum adaptation to the respective product characteristics.
Technical Data

Would you like to learn more about the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the Combiflex 3F? Let us advise you individually on the mobile screening machine with 3D Combi screen deck.

Lower deck fractionsapprox. 0.5 - 40 mm
Basic MachineSemi-trailer for 80 km/h as per StVZO, with ABS
Total weight27,500 - 30,000 kg
OutputElectric motor 55 kW at 1,500 rpm./ Diesel engine 86 kW at 2,200 rpm.
Emissionaccording to the latest exhaust emission standard
Cucic capacity4.5 litres
Fuel tank300 litres
Hopper volume5 m³ (optionally up to 7.5 m³)
Effective screening area upper deckapprox. 8,1 m² (depending on the selected screen lining)
Effective screening area lower deckapprox. 8,1 m² (depending on the selected screen lining)
Width1,550 mm
Length5,200 mm
Upper deck fractionsapprox. 4-250 mm
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Multifunctional through numerous options
Up to any challenge
Dosage Screw

Thanks to a large number of different, easy-to-change screen linings, the right equipment is available for every individual application.

Safely stored
Box for screening mats

A screening mats box is optionally available for the safe and easy storage of the different screening  mats of the 3D combi screen. 

Ever screen flow
Dosing auger

The dosing auger ensures a uniform feed of the input material onto the ascending belt/screen and thus increases the screening capacity.

Keeping the rhythm
Cleaning brush

Using the cleaning brush for the infeed belt means that less material remains stuck on the belt, which also results in less fine-grained leakage material underneath the machine.

Easy to manage
Telematics Diagnostic System

Diagnostic system for permanent recording and clear display of service-relevant data and information online and in real time.

Further options on request
More productivity through complete performance spectrum