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Mobile Technology for Diverse Requirements

Ideas that Move along

The subject of mobility is highly relevant for preparation technology as well. It is often necessary to move the machines from one location to another quickly, or requirements may suddenly increase. Users may also change without any great lead time. Our mobile machines therefore combine the high performance that is indispensable in preparation with practical flexibility, simple operation and many optional adjustment options.


Use of our mobile solutions permits quick and efficient preparation of biomass or waste right on site. Best accessibility of all machine parts ensures easy maintenance and cost-efficient repairs.


Our most important tasks as your partner in the area of environmental technology include reliable and technically competent advice. We will engage in open exchange with you to support you in selecting the mobile machines that offer precisely what you actually need and expect.

Universal usability
Single-Shaft Shredder

The TARGO 3000 single-shaft shredder is a practical all-rounder with high energy efficiency and simple operation.

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Powerful screening
Star Screen Technology

The rotating stars of the high-performance screen machines tap adhering fines off dynamically, separating the screened material into the desired grain sizes.

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With effective rotation
Drum Screens

The compact machines separate, filter and screen different materials at minimum maintenance effort with a rotating screen drum.

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Best performance at low maintenance
Flip-Flow Screen

The flip-flow screen masters even wet and adhesive residual materials at evenly high quality and low interference risk.

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Powerfully saving energy
Wind Shifter

The Neuenhauser wind shifter AIRCUT 1600 has proven its worth as an energy-saving yet powerful screen for professional composting and other applications.

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Easy pushing of heavy loads
Sputnik Mover

The self-propelled Sputnik Mover on a chain drive is as strong as an ant. The Sputnik Mover

significantly increases the flexibility of maneuvering on level company grounds.

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Adaptable mobility
Shovel Separators

The shovel separator can be installed easily and safely to excavators or wheel loaders for top performance in mobile preparation.

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At low prices
Second-Hand Machines

Depending on availability, Neuenhauser Umwelttechnik offers used screen machines and other second-hand products at low prices.

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