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The Thorough After-Crusher for Plaster Wastes

A Little Smaller Still

Equipped with two solid rollers rotating in opposite directions, the roller crusher is an efficient shredder suitable for important special tasks. Most of all, it serves thorough after-crushing of plasterboard pieces produced in the Neuenhauser screw mill. The roller crusher removes the paper from the actual plaster in order to return the material to production as a recycled material. The subject of recycling has increased in importance in the area of plaster waste, since plaster residue is hardly accepted in building debris anymore.


Easy Maintenance
Cost-Saving Recycling Due to High Variability

The two rollers of the roller crusher can be smooth rollers or profiled rollers and are pressed together via two hydraulic cylinders. The gap size can be adjusted variably, as can the push-on pressure of the rollers. Its high maintenance-compatibility is one of the great benefits that characterise the Neuenhauser roller crusher. The rollers can be simply moved apart by a hydraulic cylinder for cleaning and servicing, minimising costs and work effort in a customer-oriented manner.

  • Compact machine with simple handling
  • The roller can move to evade entering irritants to prevent more severe machine damage
  • Different rotating speeds of the two rollers permit automatic material grinding
More productivity through complete performance spectrum