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Producing and Using Renewable Energies

Standing out from the Mass

The target of biomass preparation is the production of organic fuels as renewable energy sources and the production of further reusable end products for agriculture and the industry. Wastes can be recycled this way and the resources, which are growing scarcer around the world, can be protected.


The term of biomass is usually not defined consistently in waste management. The category of biomass comprises plant residues that arise in horticulture and landscaping, forestry, garden and shrubbery maintenance and in crafts. Some of these are green waste, rootstocks, wood chips, bark and waste wood or general garden wastes such as leaves, branches, bushes and shrubbery.


The high-performance machines and plants of Neuenhauser Umwelttechnik permit professional biomass preparation with simple handling at low maintenance effort. The many available options permit comfortable adjustment to individual needs.


The second chance
Waste Wood

Waste wood appears in many different versions that pose different demands to preparation technology. We support our customers in meeting their needs, from natural wood pieces that have only been mechanically processed to railway sleepers and cable masts treated with wood preservers by offering fitting mobile or stationary solutions. Factors such as high performance, effective protection from irritants and simple maintenance are decisive.

Making a good cut
Green Waste

Tons of green waste occur every year in horticulture, landscaping, maintenance of roadside greenery and forestry. This waste can be carefully screened, shredded, dosed and reused by state-of-the-art environmental technology. Green waste is often processed into wood pellets for use as fuel, substrate for biogas facilities or fertiliser with diverse uses. The high-quality solutions of Neuenhauser set standards in energy efficiency and maintenance-compatibility here.

The Natural Material of Success
Wood Chips

The market for renewable energy sources is growing continually. This facilitates rising interest in the material of wood chips, which is deemed a cost-efficient, regional fuel safe from crises. Many newer buildings already have a wood chip heating. Our high-quality screen systems as well as the high-performance shredders permit production or optimisation and use of wood chips, which are also needed in the paper industry and for woodchip materials.

Many Sources, One Result

Composting plays an essential role in the cost-efficient return of organic materials into the natural circuit. The resulting compost, which is made up of many different biological materials, can be made usable with professional preparation technology. With its help, wasteland or formerly built-on areas can be recultivated. Compost is used, among others, in the production of organic fertiliser, substrates and potting soil.

Useful End Products Instead of Annoying Waste

Bark often occurs as a residual material in forestry, horticulture and landscaping, as well as in the wood-processing industry. Bark cab be efficiently processed with our compact and high-quality machines, from drum screens to shredders, in order to be used as a fuel or fertiliser in industry, agriculture and private households later. Bark is used to produce sustainable end products such as bark mulch, bark litter and bark briquettes.

Turned into a Multi-Talent by Chopping

Preparation of the rootstocks that are often left over after garden and landscaping work, as well as in forestry, requires particularly high-performing shredders that effectively break up the solid and bulky material. Neuenhauser offers mobile and stationary shredding technology that lives up to the challenge and reliably, safely and energy-efficiently chops up rootstocks. The prepared material is used for energy production, as a fertiliser and even in homeopathy.